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Tue, 21 Oct 1997 20:40:26 -0400 wrote:
> In a message dated 97-10-20 20:24:11 EDT, you write:
> << >I saw somewhere a picture where someone had a triangle so it fit
> perfectly
> >inside the earth, and within that triangle, perfectly, was the moon. Is
> the
> >earth/moon relationship really like that? I know the earth has been
> >expanding over its time and the moon has not, so maybe that relationship
> >existed in the past, but im really wondering about the present, does anyone
> >know?
> By picking an appropriate triangle, you can do that with any two circles of
> any size. So it's true, but means nothing.
> >>
> No you cant, it has to be perfect, or rather it has to be the right ratio. I
> am saying a perfect relationship, with congruent sides, to where the angles
> of the triangle touch the earth's circumference at a point and the moon
> touches the triangle at a tangent. If the moon was any bigger or smaller it
> wouldnt be touching the triangle's side at one point, but rather two or none.
> Im asking if the earth/moon relationship represents this perfect ratio,
> either with a plane triangle, or a pyramid.
> danny

Danny is apparently referring to a tetrahedron, not a triangle or a
pyramid. Using a rough Earth radius of just under 4000 mi. (3957 mi. on
average, as the radius at the equator is slightly greater than at the
poles due to centrifugal stresses), and a rough moon radius of 1080
miles, a tetrahedron made to fit exactly inside the earth (within a
couple dozen miles or so), would need a moon with a radius equal to
1333.333.... mi., so our moon is a couple hundred miles too small. If
anyone can call me on the numbers please do.

If these numbers are right, this is a good example, Danny, of how
"sacred geometry" is bogus because they use bogus math, the don't do
their homework. I suggest that you do yours so you don't get hoodwinked
by this sort of stuff.

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