AW: An Unusual Level Of Intelligence

JBittenbinder (
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 21:38:17 +0200

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Von: James Rogers []

By law, it is extremely difficult to do business as a startup in =
France. Taxation and
regulation make it extremely expensive to get involved in businesses =
involve just about anything relating to the Internet and computers.

[JBittenbinder] That's the the same in good old germany.

Another regulation I heard from the French at France Telecom: A company
*must* give 60 days notice prior to firing any employee. Would you =
want to keep a disgruntled and presumably useless employee around 60 =
after telling him he's going to be canned? No wonder they have gun =

-James Rogers

[JBittenbinder] But the "hire and fire" rules in america are good?
By the way: many people in USA would like to see gun control laws for =
their country