_ad rajer, spikechild_ 1997

meika (selfsame@ozemail.com.au)
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 18:31:53 +1100

the following piece is a small work of science fiction exploring
the interiority or point-of-view of a character called *rajer* who lives
aheads of us 'in' or 'on' the singularity or spike, or plateau of a sigmoid
curve if it aint all that singular.
Spending a little time reading it (and I see some of you don't get
get out much) it should (hopefully) be self-extracting. And though it
obviously is (might be) outside your reading comfort zones, it won't load a
virus into your sense of self and eat your mind, or even brain.
This piece is a sequel to one written in 1987 entitled _child
rajer_. They are both 'dumps from diary entries'.
_child rajer_ appears around the place on various list archives.
I hope _ad rajer, spikechild_ will provoke comment, and or inform
your work. If you want a copy of _child rajer_ (its quite long) send me an

meika von samorzewski

_ad rajer, spikechild_

=2Ethe following social dynamic informs all areas of humaning animal life
*look see
*or try my luck

Date: [good, intentions]

*my intentions were good
=2Ethe time of the preaching is never far away

*in that moment pointing at you
=2Ehell is no end, hell is in preaching here and now ?without point ?on poin=
?what's the point

Date: [points, preposition pronouns, bugs]

?the point is
=2Ethe preposition versus time .the preposition versus pronouns .oceans of
meaning imbetween the here and now
=2Elining on, a vacuum unpressing action between full stops and periods,
bullets and asterix
*some response rajer .lining indeed
=2Econsidering the comment acerbic rajermind chunked the critique under
plaque .and considering the comment dispersed energy, while the problem
remained, rajer complained carefully
*Refer, one up, and stayed
rajerhead slanted *rapport is closing to null, beware
=2Eindeed, lining on, rajerlips grim a regard anyway, indeed, report
*lining on
*now, that is a point
*on .now, it is a point
*lips !rather than two or three things not well met
*Refer youmind in head, lips indeed
*now sees
?now ?Refer .now =8Athat is a point
*ahh ?and two or three things well met
*well met
*thin line away
*away indeed
*point away
=2Ereal in the world

=2Elinguistic fictions continue
=2Elining on, ie laying on consideration line by line, but intentionally
diffused into habits though useful, wehead sort on impulse .low rapport
threshold is closing but report based holdovers establish some connection
=2Eforget the parenthesis, study the geodesic pathways and gravel the road
like a neural lace ?weather
*a fine day for it
*too mild Refer
*rajerhead will bind
=2Elining, like a fall of protein
=2Ethe sediment settled, running a preposition down ;a solute in solvent of
pronouns, sea of me and you while we left behind place and time like unshed
tears before a grain of sand
*left for good ?rajer
*for good and now, that is a point
=2Etheybod spoke to head about words location put, and ran through them, lik=
run through deeds, and yet though small time stacked to period pointed
aside, or astride differentials of light, they spoke to headbod
*look see
=2Epreps run to put things in their place, things of meetings placed to date
and use by, or put off, deferred then deleted, and so way off to track, at
least, pointview from end off
"We meet in Queens."
*a fall of protein
=2Ea tinkle of tubes gathered in the dishwasher, racks of filthy labware sat
on benches marked with expectations and intentions like wants and needs
without desire, for running the halls categories played with themselves
=2Elining over problem, feeding=8A
=2Equiet repose
*notice, formality takes all sorts
*rajerhead, rajered, raj'd suppose=8A
?suppose it now points away
=2Eundertaking, ribosoming ;crenellated on tessellated (riot) microtubules
=2Estructure judicial, a neck of oratory, a bust on injustice, supposing now
the end of all stories, the simulation is complete
*weep rough

=2Eproblem on, a mandible pressing action into adaption, sucking ichor, whil=
unconnected pools of water preposition the language of perception
predicated on survivals .an insect bred for the table .delicious
beetles.ugly beetles, and so on
=2Ebut musuem beetles eating the obsessions left disturbed by the civilised
suppression of form problematizes these ethics non involvement .while
problems withheld within, notwithstanding assumptions of gravity and
direction, lead nowhere
*legacies are vectors, and prejudice a measure of momentum
*'you would it hold against me?'
*mud is thrown now
*a fall of protein
?problem in
?problem against
*I disagree
=2Eproblems demanding resolution are only produced in conflict situations,
elsewhere they are not positively selected for, and so merely not against,
a survial ignorance quotient wily and heavily moving in the inertia of
success, in the vacuum unpressing action, and while these intelligent but
unreflective, tooling up and unarguable, here and onwardly now, guard with
surety not of pupose but style, its not what you do=8A .they will be there
anyway .they will continue regardless .enlightenment itself does not=8A
*enlightenment itself does not vaccinate against the contagion of ignorance
and succession, the bugs will win, the bugs lose will

meika von samorzewski

investigative poet