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Natasha V. More (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 08:18:57 -0500

At 01:17 PM 10/17/97 +0200, Anders Sandberg wrote:
>Damien Broderick <> writes:
>> At 08:27 PM 10/16/97 -0500, Natasha wrote:
>> >If I live past my 121 or so years, and if I am cronically suspended
>> Sorry, I can't help myself - that's *gotta* be one of the neatest typos
>> I've ever seen. :)
>I agree. It is on par with the cry "I DONT KNOW HOW I GOT SIGNED UP FOR
>THIS BUT I WANT TO BE DESIGNED!!!!" from somebody who accidentally got
>subscribed to the transhuman list.

HA HA! Well, at least when I do television and print interviews for
cryonics I pronounce the word correctly-;)