Re: Arboreal COMMUNISM ?

Ian Goddard (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 12:07:30 -0400

Regarding this post:

Thom Quinn ( wrote:
> What the data suggests is that the resources
> in ecosystems are tightly linked, not communism!

IAN: Preslicely... The symbiotic relation between
plants and fungi cited in the study is analogous
to free-market exchange, not communism. The sub-
sidy of smaller plants by fungi is analogous to
an investment in future profits, not charity.

The Science News article defined all that as
"communist" and as "cooperative," as if the
opposite of communism, free markets, are
the opposite of cooperation. What could
be further from the truth? Free association
is cooperation, central planning is coercion.

I have difficultly accounting for the basis
of the false analogies in the SN article, which
turn beautiful examples of market eco-nomics into
the opposite... but wait a minute Ian, is not A
also its opposite? Uh, oh ya. Hu, huh huh huh.

Communism is an integral feature of the identity
of free-market capitalism, for, apart from relation
to communism, capitalism would not have the identity
as "the best system." Without that identity attribute
based upon real-world relations, the idea of communism
could appear to be a beneficial theory, while capitalism
perhaps an inferior system. Therefore, clearly, communism
is within the IDentity Set (the set that contains all
those feature from which identity A is derived)
of capitalism as we know it, and vice versa.

All that falls inside the ID Set
of A is within the identity of A...

Holistic IDentity

Opposite yet same.
Not-self yet self.
Nuts yet not-nuts.
Not-A yet A.

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