Re: ETHICS: Value-sets and value-systems

Felix Ungman (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 11:46:43 +0200

Mitchell Porter:
>but it does imply that there are no facts of the form
>"Morality A is better than morality B", only facts of the
>form "Morality A is better than morality B, according to
>morality C".

Not true, I think. If a number of individuals share the same,
or at least similar, value-system, that morality implies
behavioural dynamics. Morality A may have game theoretically
stable points at "better" value-sets than Morality B. So even
though the value-sets may be higly subjective, the value-systems
are not.

The most obvious way a morality A can be better than morality B
is the amount of synergy it promotes.