paleo-proto-libertarians and others

Anton Sherwood (
Wed, 15 Oct 1997 19:39:11 -0700 (PDT)

meika von samorzewski, investigative poet, suggests
: Or move [Ayn Rand] to 'apocrypha' with say 'balancing' works
: like _the dispossessed_ by Ursula le Guin that deal with anarcho
: influences other that the preDickensian pre HGwellsian outlook that
: seems to dominate the guns and gutter life in the USA today. (Or so
: it looks from Australia as an impressionalist generalization.)

pre ?

If you're talking about US culture in general, I won't argue;
but anarcho influences? The flame I see more often is either
"`anarchism' and `libertarianism' inherently mean socialism"
or the like (which is bollocks) or "we had those words first
before you right-wingers stole 'em" -- which, as far as I can
tell, is accurate: left-anarchism is older than right-anarchism
(propertarian) because the latter is underpinned by Austrian
subjective economic theory, first developed circa 1880(?).

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