Re: Extropian Principles reading list

meika (
Wed, 15 Oct 1997 16:15:47 +1100

>As several people have murmured previously, although perhaps this is
>farting in church, some newcomers will be instantly turned away by the
>sight of Ayn Rand on the strongly recommended list. (I was a devotee of
>her fiction at the quite late age of 19 or 20, while I was freeing myself
>from a Catholic upbringing. Later, as I like to think, I grew up even more.)
>Damien Broderick

I second this murmured movement.

Or move it to 'apocrypha' with say 'balancing' works like _the
dispossessed_ by Ursula le Guin that deal with anarcho influences other
that the preDickensian pre HGwellsian outlook that seems to dominate the
guns and gutter life in the USA today. (Or so it looks from Australia as an
impressionalist generalization.)


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