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Mon, 13 Oct 1997 18:42:23 -0700

At 09:18 AM 10/13/97 -0700, Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
>> People who dump religious beliefs won't kill "for God,"
>> but while they retain certain political beliefs and
>> illusions, they'll continue killing "for Country."
>Unless, of course, their most deeply held political belief is
>that the very concept of "country" is inherently immoral.
>/I/ would never do /anything/ for my country because I have
>no country.
Your pointing out that a concept in itself might be immoral
introduces to me a new and very important dimension of thought.
So far, I have classified certain concepts as invalid and
fraudulent, but I hadn't made the connection with morality.

So far, I've thought of only certain acts as immoral. But,
now that you've pointed it out, if a concept -- or thinking
in terms of that concept -- almost always leads to immoral
acts, or results in most people (those at the effect of
political games) being disadvantaged by the unwitting
acceptance of that concept as valid, then that concept
should be regarded as immoral.

I would write your first sentence exactly as you have.
The second I would write: "I would never do anything for
any supposed or pretended "country" because the notion
that there are so-called "countries" is an illusion."
(Of course, this depends on my audience. I belong to
a Toastmaster's Club. Some of the members work for
the "cop department." To them I would say, "I love
the country of my adoption!")

By the way, the realization that the notion of "country"
is illusory is a logical extrapolation from Max More's
'Deep Anarchy' <>.

Thank you! You've just enriched the NSPIC = Neuro-Semantic
Political Illusion Complex debate which starts on the
Advanced Freedom Solutions List on Wednesday, 10/15/97.

Frederick Mann
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