Re: FILTERS: Simple solution
Sat, 11 Oct 1997 01:58:06 -0400 (EDT)

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How about we create an FAQ that's sent when you first subscribe that briefly
answers those 'basic' questions we all find so annoying. Split the FAQ into
sections that also tell you the correct classifier for each topic, followed
by a short description and then a list command that allows you to request a
more comprehesive FAQ on that topic. We could do the same for various
(extropian principles, dynamic optimism, etc.) That way anyone who reads it
will know that the information is there, and if they still post basic
questions, we can just point them in the direction of the correct FAQ. We
can let list members decide on what to put in these FAQs (when a basic
consensus is reach on that subject and we want to move on) and also what
classifiers to use. Not only will this help both new and current members,
but we'll be building a comprehensive database of ideas in the process.


Not saying I disagree...but consider...

I subscribe to several lists...Extropians, Transhuman, Libfut..and several
others...Extropians is BY FAR the most prolific...there are always new
messages...some of the others are dark for a
cutting down on message volume really such a desirable goal?