Re: Extropian Principles reading list

Damien Broderick (
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 13:01:37 +0000

At 06:27 PM 10/12/97 -0700, Max wrote:

>Has anyone read Robert Forward's Indistinguishable from Magic? (I believe it
>used to be known as Future Magic.) I think it may be a good overview of how
>far science and technology can be pushed.

I read the FUTURE MAGIC version, which is terrific. (I nabbed several of
the ideas therein for THE WHITE ABACUS, and recommended Dr Forward's book
in my afterword.)

As several people have murmured previously, although perhaps this is
farting in church, some newcomers will be instantly turned away by the
sight of Ayn Rand on the strongly recommended list. (I was a devotee of
her fiction at the quite late age of 19 or 20, while I was freeing myself
from a Catholic upbringing. Later, as I like to think, I grew up even more.)

Damien Broderick