Re: Reading list

Anders Sandberg (
13 Oct 1997 14:34:56 +0200

Mark Grant <> writes:

> I'd say we should have _something_ by Banks in the Fiction list; I'd
> vote for 'Excession', as it covers far more of the topics we discuss
> here than the other books I've read.

I'm starting to think that we really need a "core reading list" and
a "good reading list". If I understood Max right, the books mentioned
in the principles were intended to embody the core ideas of extropianism,
but there are so many good books that should be mentioned that are not
100% relevant (but still > 75% relevant) that we need a list for them.
Maybe "canon" and "apocrypha"?

I agree that something by Banks might be relevant. _Excession_ portrays
superintelligent AI-ships in a positive light, and describes the
Culture a little better. The only competitor might be _Player of Games:
which deals more with the mindset of the Culture when faced by rampant

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