Re: Crop circles again?!! (was: Re: Bill Gates)

Kennita Watson (
Sun, 12 Oct 1997 23:53:15 -0800

CALYK writes:
>Crop circles coming from an alien intelligence are obviously trying to tell
>us something, I posted on this list how someone believes they are parts to
>some sort of engine.

Danny, Danny, Danny. Calm down. We're on the same side.

Once more slowly:

What should I _do_?

When you find out what they're trying to tell us so that we can do it or
otherwise respond to it, and/or when you have the address of the
"build-the-alien-engine" foundation so we can send donations or investment
dollars or go work for it, please let us know.

Danny, whether or not aliens built crop circles is about as interesting
to me as whether the Mayans or the Incas built some particular burial
mound, unless the fact dictates a particular course of action.

How do I get sucked into discussions like this? I guess it's because I
think (hope?) that people will take what I'm saying to heart eventually.

Would people please cease trying to prove to Danny that his ideas are
wrong? Does it matter that much to you one way or the other?


Kennita (feeling like a live vaccine, and hoping to immunize while
causing as light a rash as possible)

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