GIBBERISH (WAS: Re: Bill Gates)

Damien Broderick (
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 10:56:02 +0000

At 08:36 PM 10/11/97 -0400, a former Air Force techie wrote:

>a guy by the name of Cathie, from NZ who wrote a book about the earth's
>harmonics as an explaination of the energy sources of ufos, etc. I
>freind of mine went on and on about this guy, until he showed me the
>book with all of its fancy equations, which I promptly showed were not
>mathematically valid.

Yes, and it's much worse than that. Captain Cathie, who flew people back
and forth across the Pacific in 737s, had these wise words to offer in

`The coordinate of 2545584412 was doubled in the diagonals of the polar
squares, with all its associated harmonics, and in the resultant grid polar
square the speed of light reciprocal harmonic of 6944 was incorporated in
the harmonic 26944. These particular coordinates are from the corner
"aerial" positions to the geographic poles. *It appeared that the factor 2
preceding the 6944 served to harmonically double the reciprocal of the
speed of light*.' (p. 26, my emphasis)

Leave aside the brainless gobbledegook. Would you feel safe flying with a
guy who conjectured that putting a 2 in front of a long number `doubled'
that number? It's true that Cathie did not hold absolutely to this
interesting algorithm. On p. 55, he observed that 144 by 4 / pi = 576 /
pi. Surely it should have been 4144 / pi? A while later, we learn that
`the cube root of harmonic 2384573471 = 28783.056' (p. 189)... and so on.
This book is immensely influential, I gather, among New Age geomancers, UFO
fanciers and feral geniuses in the Deep North of Australia.

Damien Broderick