TITLE: Resolving the Problems of Rritish Telecom and other megacorpora

Tony Hollick (anduril@cix.compulink.co.uk)
Sun, 12 Oct 97 22:37 BST-1


I'm Tony Hollick <Anduril@cix.compulink.co.uk> 0117-9098918

I'm presently in dispute with British Telecom.

For a year and more, I had an ordinary residential account - 0117 9501894

I was billed on a monthly basis, and likewise paid in full, monthly.

Lately, I've had occasion to use the telephone rather more.

[I] I am an occasional adviser to NATO's Technical Directorate: We're
endeavouring to resolve the critical problems of 'backdoors' in Windows95,
whereby if Windows95 user [A] is logged ont site [B] via the Internet,
interleaved data packets can be inserted into the datastream by site [C]
and Windows95 can be istructed to send [A]'s entire file directory
structure back to [C], fully transparently, and all unbeknownst to [A].

[A]'s files can be scanned via Boolean keyword searches, and business
plans, spreadsheets, databases, correspondence, financial records etc. can
be 'called up' by site [C]. Also, latent viruses in Windows95 can be
activated for 'Information Warfare' purposes.

Class actions? Department of Justice Investigations? Bear Raids? Chapter 11>

[ FX: "Just watch..." ]

[II] Inter alia, the Criminal Intelligence Division at New Scotland Yard,
the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington DC and the Office of
George Tenet, the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) are
investigating matters described in the Chronology of Events available on:


[III] I am Amicus Curiae to the King County Superior Court in Seattle,
Washington, in the case of Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau, who is being
maliciously harrassed by the 'authorities' there. I am a paid-up member
of the Northwest Coalition against Malicious Harrassment based in Seattle.

(I myself alas suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, in part
from injuries sustained while fighting in the Cold War alongside both MI6
and CIA, and from suffering malicious harrassment).

My telephone is thus also a police and medical lifeline.

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When I recently received a higher-than-usual telephone bill, along with
a standard BT offer to pay by equal fixed installments on an averaged
monthly basis, I promptly accepted BT's offer (on 28th August 1997). BT's
records confirm this. I THEREFORE HAVE A CONTRACT WITH BT. (I also have
friends in the International Human Rights fellowships who have offered to
help with expenses). And friends in the Criminal Law office at BT HQ.

I was told by the BT Coventry office that this was fine, that they had
accepted this, that my account would be transferred to quarterly billing,
and that I would in due course be sent details of the monthly fixed
payments required.

Instead, something rather nasty happened.

Something _suspiciously_ nasty.

A day or so later, I got up to find that the phone had been
'crippled.' Seven consecutive outgoing calls were blocked. So I
tried 999: they connected me to British telecom's 'Debt limitation
Office' in Dundee, who told me that they had 'superior powers' over
all other departments of bT, and that they would not reconnect the
service until I had paid 775 UKP in advance. Further, they threatened
to disconnect the service entirely if I did not comply with their
(unlawful) demands. BT then _did just that__ while sending me four
different letters from four different people giving four different

Just the sort of stunt the Czech secret police used to pull...

Accordingly I have filed a criminal complaint under the provisions of
the Criminal Justice Act which outlaw such harrassment with Leicester
police in respect of BT's Mr. Uttley. An Investigation Number has
been formally issued by the police there.

I have applied to Dundee Police similarly, WRT Ms. Macrae and Mr.
McKay's behaviour at the 'DLO.'

I notified BT's 'Debt Limitation Office' that I counterclaim 50 000
UKP WRT damage to my health arising from BT's unlawful behaviour.

I offered to pay a basic BT rental (for continuity of incoming calls
and emergency calls) while the dispute as to amounts claimed and
payment rates is resolved by Court Arbitration, which procedure is
_compulsory_ for BT.

I have offered to consider the following proposed settlement from BT:

BT to offer a full written apology directly from Vallance, and to
write off its present claim.

BT to offer a free ISDN service for an initial one year period

BT to offer a NOKIA 9000 from Orange, and one year's ORANGE service.

BT to offer 5 000 UKP io settlement of my outstanding claims against BT.

/ /\ \


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Much of BT's network was built via capital levies on subscribers' phone
bills. Clearly, when BT was 'denationalized', this should have been
done simply (and without megabucks in 'sweeteners' and 'fees') by
mailing out equal shareholdings in BT to every elector on Monday

BT staff seem to _hate_ BT -- most people do too, after all. Who can
forget the cartoon of a man making a call from a phone box, while Busby
(remember him? >:-} ) leaned out of the 'returned' slot and
surreptitiously picked the punter's pocket... >:-}


[A] BT staff start to 'work to rule' and make innocent mistakes...
Such things do happen... They all hate the bloody company, anyway...

[B] The BT Network declines. BT will never get into America now:
whoever would possibly want to import an MI5 spy network? >:-}
All of BT's competitors go all-out for new business.

[C] Job opportunities boom with BT's rivals, creaming off all the
more 'mobile' and/or competent BT staffers.

[D] Rumours spread like wildfire that BT is on the skids...

[E] The great offshore Hedge Funds (like George Soros' Quantum Fund
-- remember Black Wednesday? ERM? The Tories? ) smell 'blood in the
water', and start running relentless bear raids against BT stocks
and shares round the clock. BT shares decline more or less gracefully.

[F] Meanwhile President Clinton has issued Executive orders tasking:

the Central Intelligence Agency


and the National Security Agency


Top flight outfit, NSA -- US$ 30,000,000,000 budget, 100 000
brilliant,dedicated and playful staffers, worldwide SIGINT and
Electronic Warfare capabilities, you know... Now tasked to gather
commercial and poplitical intelligence which can be useful to
American companies. America has lots of fiercely competitive telcos
(Actually, anyone with NSA's resources could bring down BT's entire
network in around five minutes...).

A former CinCPAC and DIRNSA (Director, NSA) is a friend of mine...

[G] BT slides inexorably into receivership. In the reconstruction,
the public finally receive the shares they should have received in
the first place, and the BT staff run BT as a co-op, replacing the
'senior management' and the board (Good Riddance!), and take on any
external management advisers necessary for the 'difficult bits.'

We-all then have our own phone company in our own hands, BT's
previous -- 'looter' -- shareholders see their shares zeroed, and
the good guys (all of us!) win! We can then have free local calls,
with competing trunk services, and superfast 'blinking' datacomms
services over standard twisted-pair lines.

Ideal for 'Blackbird' MacroComputers!!! Project details from:


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[ FX: "It was the year that everything changed" ]

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