Re: Extropian Principles reading list

Anders Sandberg (
12 Oct 1997 15:35:41 +0200

"Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" <> writes:

> I suggest that "Unbounding the Future" be REMOVED from the list. I understand
> that Drexler didn't have that much to do with writing it, and the book is a
> complete failure of the imagination.

I disagree completely. UtF is not as transhumanistic and long range as
EoC, but this also makes it *far* more accessible to most non-transhumanist
readers. Tell an ordinary person that it is likely that nanotechnology
will totaly transform mankind into superintelligent posthuman beings,
and he will dismiss you, the idea and nanotechnology as bad science fiction.
Show him that nanotechnology is reasonable and has far-reaching effects
on today's problems, and he will start to think about it - and in time
likely reach the first conclusion.

Hence, I suggest that UtF should remain on the list.

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