Re: Bill Gates
Sat, 11 Oct 1997 18:23:41 -0400 (EDT)

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<< << Many of us are rather unconventional people, who would not dream of
putting down something that had actual potential, but we also are mostly
trained well in the scientific method, so we can see holes in theories,
as well as outright flaws. If something cannot be experimentally proven
to work, then it isn't real, and we shouldn't waste our time with it. If
you want to beleive in unproven or disproven things, thats your
prerogative, but it shoulnd't be done on this list. If you want to prove
that something DOES work, then get into the lab and get cracking, and
come talk to us when you've got experimental proof.

The thing is I HAVE been providing proof, but yall still wont accept it.
Such as, the reeds of the crop circles are changed in the chromosones, and
many of them are also bent at the nodes (which is impossible to do if you
tried). Thats biology and vision at work. Also, the water-powered cars,
guy gave directions on how to make them! If you dont believe him make it
yourself and see. I cant think of the other stuff ive written but they are
legit, like the sacred geometry site, they're using mathematics for what
they're doing. You're right, yall are dealing with conventional stuff, but
there is a mystery to the world that you're just blowing off.


Oops i misread that you said unconventional instead of conventional,