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> << I think you're correct. But lst's ask:
> Danny, how old are you? We know you've signed yourself
> "some dumb kid" occasionally. You come across to me as a very,
> very bright kid, but one who has not yet learned that the
> internet gives you access to a vast amount of garbage.
> It's your responsibilty to evaluate this stuff critically.
> I'm actually happy to have you hang out here with us, but
> you'll keep getting your ears pinned back until you learn
> this. >>
> Im 20. Im into obscure nonmainstream stuff because thats where all the
> interesting things are. Im aware of all the stuff that yall talk about but a
> lot of it is boring, and some of it is interesting, so thats why I stay on. I
> think the problem is a lot of you have closed minds and when you see a post
> from "" you immediately enter "bias mode". It's like, people
> have ALWAYS been persecuted for sharing new exotic things with people, like a
> "round world". It was a concept that you had to grasp conceptually, as well
> as accept a new kind of science, as is a lot of what I post. Then even if
> you do you immediately say "bull" cause its so far out there. I read that a
> lady got burned to death for teaching geometry. Crazy. You should look at
> the potential that some of this information can have instead of equivocal
> flaws.
> danny

Many of us are rather unconventional people, who would not dream of
putting down something that had actual potential, but we also are mostly
trained well in the scientific method, so we can see holes in theories,
as well as outright flaws. If something cannot be experimentally proven
to work, then it isn't real, and we shouldn't waste our time with it. If
you want to beleive in unproven or disproven things, thats your
prerogative, but it shoulnd't be done on this list. If you want to prove
that something DOES work, then get into the lab and get cracking, and
come talk to us when you've got experimental proof.

I'm probably the best person to be talking to you about this, as I
showed up on this list 2 years ago with claims about my latest
invention, which is a propulsion device. All I was going on at that
point was data I had developed from a computer simulation I created
based on my designs. I caught a huge ration of absolute crap from a
number of people here who could point to all sorts of "gaping holes" in
my theories, etc... When I was finally able to describe its function
fully to people, those with engineering training acknowledged that it
would produce the phenomenon that I said it would, but that it would
also create opposing forces which would negate its function. So, I shut
up about it, and have been working on building a prototype, which is now
built, and once I get some electric motors in several weeks I can begin
testing and tweaking.

Of course, if my theories are proven out, I fully expect everyone to
attend a party in my honor at which everyone but me will be served crow
as the main course, after which everyone will try to nominate me for a
nobel prize or something...

While many of us talk about rather far out theories and technologies,
they are all well grounded in science. There is current research being
conducted and has been conducted. Based upon principles like Moore's
Law, etc. we can make reasonably reliable projections fo what sort of
technologies and performance we can expect to see in the future. At this
point, the with the exception of some natural/traditional medical
practices, the majority of theories and claims falling under the label
"New Age" have already been proven to be absolute garbage through
scientific testing. That many people continue to refuse to be confused
by the facts, and rely on their "feelings", is not our problem nor our
concern, and most of us do not want to be bothered by it. Nor are they
fit subjects for discussion on this list as you will find by reading the
list FAQ. Where we have been descirbed by the press, one recurring
phrase is that we are "rigorously scientific" (which may be compared to
most people, but we are not always compared to most scientists).

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