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Fri, 10 Oct 1997 23:44:41 -0400 (EDT)

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<< I think you're correct. But lst's ask:
Danny, how old are you? We know you've signed yourself
"some dumb kid" occasionally. You come across to me as a very,
very bright kid, but one who has not yet learned that the
internet gives you access to a vast amount of garbage.
It's your responsibilty to evaluate this stuff critically.
I'm actually happy to have you hang out here with us, but
you'll keep getting your ears pinned back until you learn
this. >>

Im 20. Im into obscure nonmainstream stuff because thats where all the
interesting things are. Im aware of all the stuff that yall talk about but a
lot of it is boring, and some of it is interesting, so thats why I stay on. I
think the problem is a lot of you have closed minds and when you see a post
from "" you immediately enter "bias mode". It's like, people
have ALWAYS been persecuted for sharing new exotic things with people, like a
"round world". It was a concept that you had to grasp conceptually, as well
as accept a new kind of science, as is a lot of what I post. Then even if
you do you immediately say "bull" cause its so far out there. I read that a
lady got burned to death for teaching geometry. Crazy. You should look at
the potential that some of this information can have instead of equivocal