Re: feedback and sharing knowledge

Michael Lorrey (
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 18:37:29 -0400

Hal Finney wrote:
> I don't really think we need any new automated mechanisms, or that new
> rules must be enforced. All I wanted to do was to remind people that we
> have in the past adopted a policy of not endlessly debating these basics.

Just the idea of automated rejection kinda tickles me. I don't have to
feel rude when someone else gets their messages bounced back at them
automatically for being stupid...

> It's ironic. We tell people that 30 years from now everyone will turn
> into an immortal superman, and they say ho hum. But if you suggest
> that somebody ought to be able to work for less than the minimum wage,
> all hell breaks loose.

Thats kinda my point. Most people out there still can't agree on where
we are now, so painting a future for them like ours is difficult if they
don't even agree on the hsitorical precursors.

> I remember a joke from Mad magazine. The boss comes down hard on this
> guy for spending 55 cents extra on office supplies. The clerk says, "But
> boss, you authorize millions of dollars in expenditures all the time.
> What's the big deal about a few cents?" The boss answers, "Frankly,
> when I work with these huge amounts, I don't really have a sense of how
> big they are. Fifty-five cents - now that, I understand!"

My very first job was working at a local farmers market. I got paid
minimum wage, which was $3.25 an hour at that time (big money for a 15
year old in '82). My boss had a sign on his office door that said, "We
would like to pay you what you are worth, but minimum wage laws make us
pay you more..." Needless to say, I got a better job pretty quickly.

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