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by Frederick Mann



In conception, 'Freedom Ship' seems to be one of the
most advanced freedom projects I know of. It's a
project to build a huge ship, three times as long as
the Empire State Building is tall -- 4310 ft. long,
725ft. wide. It will have a superstructure, rising
25 stories above its deck. It will have space for
at least 50,000 residents, 15,000 personnel, and
20,000 guests and visitors.

It will be powered by 100 diesel engines and will
circle the world once every two years. About
25% of the time it will be underway at sea, and
about 75% of the time it will be holding in-place
in coastal waters near major cities.

Other features of'Freedom Ship':
* A commercial center with a free-enterprise economy.
* Residential and commercial condominiums.
* High-quality, fresh food and clean water.
* $200,000,000 hospital.
* Superb safety and security.
* Excellent banking and communication facilities.
* 3,800 ft. airplane landing strip.
* Fleet of commuter aircraft and hydrofoils.
* Duty/tax-free shopping.
* Educational, recreational, and entertainment facilities.
* Modest cost of living.

Check out <> for more details.
[If you decide to reserve a condominium -- no obligation
-- no funds being solicited -- please specify
"Boston Tea Party II-FM" as your Sales Agent.]

I don't know whether the people behind 'Freedom Ship'
have their act sufficiently together to succeed. It's
a lot easier to put up a sophisticated website than
to build a huge ship. Nevertheless, I'm highly
impressed with what I've seen so far and with my
limited contact with people involved in the project.

I've heard a rumor that 'Popular Mechanics' is
working on an extensive article on 'Freedom Ship,'
possibly with a picture on the front cover. If
this comes about, it could boost interest and
reservations substantially.


This article constitutes the dissemination of
information in accordance with the right to free
speech. Nothing in this article is to be interpreted
as legal, accounting, tax, currency, banking, or
investment advice. Anyone seeking such advice
should consult a properly qualified and accredited
professional. All readers of this article are
emphatically advised to obey all laws on Earth
and in the Universe to the letter.

The Economic Means to Freedom

This is the second in a series of articles on the
Economic Means to Freedom. The first article
covered three principles: (1) Opportunity Gap;
(2) Three Economic Sectors -- public, private,
and free-enterprise; and (3) Free-Enterprise
Institutions. You can receive the first article
by a request to <> or
access it at <>.

The Opportunity Gap is the difference between
where people are and where they could or should
be. The essence of the Economic Means to Freedom
is to provide people with the means to bridge the
Opportunity Gap -- to advance from where they are
to where they could or should be.

If 'Freedom Ship' succeeds, it will achieve this
in several respects. Residents will enjoy a high
quality of life with superb safety and security,
while travelling the world in style and comfort.
Both residents and businesses will enjoy the
absence of terrocrats(coercive political agents
or terrorist bureacrats) and the benefits of

'Freedom Ship' could also become an outstanding
example of a Free-Enterprise Institution -- the
Economic Means to Freedom in practice. It may
become a model for others to emulate.

Money Can Buy Freedom

The fourth principle of the Economic Means to
Freedom is that money can buy freedom. It can
buy you the freedom to live where you want to
and to travel when and where you want to. Money
can buy a group of people the freedom to build
a 'Freedom Ship' and to escape the tyranny of

Money can buy you freedom from having to work
to earn a living. To a considerable extent,
money can buy you freedom from illness and
disease. Money can buy you the freedom of a
longer life. Within a few decades, money may
even be able to buy freedom from death.

Consider the possibility that using money in
profitable ways to expand freedom -- the
Economic Means to Freedom -- is by far the
most powerful freedom strategy. This is because
it can set a snowball effect in motion. Part
of the profits can be used to increase or expand
freedom-promoting activities and enterprises
in profitable ways. These profits can be used
in turn to expand further...

Money can probably buy freedom to a greater
extent than even I have begun to imagine...

This will become more evident as we expand
free-enterprise currency, banking, and barter
institutions, such as those mentioned in the
first article of this series.

No-Opposition Strategy
>"If you can avoid it, never play on the other guy's field, by the
>other guy's rules, or with the other guy's ball. He didn't design
>_his_ system to give _you_ the advantage. Remember that organisms
>defending their own territory are twice as effective as an intruding
>attacker." -- L. Neil Smith
Here's the fifth main principle of the Economic Means to
Freedom. When we oppose something, or try to reform it,
we usually encounter opposition. Our effort elicits
an almost automatic counter-effort. In practicing the
Economic Means to Freedom, we don't attempt to change,
oppose, reform, or overthrow any political or economic
systems. We simply create our own voluntary alternatives
in the free-enterprise sector.

'Freedom Ship' is an excellent example of this principle
in action.

The bogus power of terrocrats depends on the support
from their victims. In practicing the Economic Means to
Freedom, we find practical ways to legally, elegantly,
and safely withdraw our support. The power of terrocrats
is tenuous -- largely based on illusion, flimsy, fragile,
and of little substance.

Understanding this dynamic of human power enabled Mohandas
Gandhi to play a major role in the defeat of the armed might
of the British Empire without firing a shot. The East German
terrocrats, backed by 300,000 Russian troops, could not keep
the Berlin wall standing, once a critical mass of people just
said "NO!" to the system. When the victims of the Soviet
terrocrats withdrew their support, the Soviet Empire
collapsed overnight.

Because of gradual currency debasement (inflation), budget
deficits, property seizures, Nazi-like terrorism (like Waco
and Ruby Creek), fragile schemes like "social security" and
"medicare," and other criminal violations, terrocrats are
in the process of destroying their own coercive power systems.
They are gradually losing credibility and control.

The example of 'Freedom Ship' may set in motion a whole
range of initiatives whereby many more people find practical
and profitable ways to withdraw their support from terrocrats.

A basic theme of the Economic Means to Freedom
is "building freedom" rather than "fighting for
freedom" or "fighting against tyranny." I believe
that if a critical mass of people were to focus
on building freedom, corrupt political systems
will eventually lose their power and influence.

What You Can Do

1. If you haven't already done so, check out

2. If you don't have the first article in this series, you
can order it by request from <>
or access it at <>.

3. Subscribe to the Advanced Freedom Solutions List, and
explore with others the best ways to implement the Economic
Means to Freedom. <> with
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