Re: Close the door, there's a draft... (was Re: feedback and sharing knowledge)
Thu, 9 Oct 1997 11:32:30 -0400 (EDT)

butler@comp* (Michael M. Butler) writes:

>We're back to the question: is this a clubhouse or an outreach group?

>If it is a clubhouse, you can never guarantee that someone won't try to
>argue with that loud oafish drunk who crashed the party--unless you *EJECT*
>the loud boor. Somebody has to function in the capacity of bouncer, or you
>takes what you gets.

>If it is an outreach group, people are supposed to help the clueless.

>I too want the s/n level to increase. But wishing it won't make it so. If
>it is the intention of the kind folks who keep this list going that anyone
>may join, no one will be expelled for violating the ground rules, etc.,
>then you get whatever/whoever shows up.

>I admit to following up posts I probably shouldn't--but my purpose is to
>hone skills and vent, not necessarily in that order. :)

I don't like wasting list space arguing with these folks, but I don't like
letting their assertions slip into the archives unchallenged either. Perhaps
a good solution would be to revive the classifiers (BASIC, META, etc.) and
reserve one of them for these rehash discussions, so people can filter them
out easily. We could use BASIC, or invent a new one. A non-pejorative one
would be best, I suppose, although I'm mighty tempted to stamp REHASH on some
such of these things :-)