Subject: Re: Daniel T. Satterberg's Position

Tony Hollick (
Thu, 9 Oct 97 16:19 BST-1

: 'Demonstration Killing' of JonBenet Ramsey last week -- prima facie a
: clear case of authoritarian right-wing terrorism directed against the
: child beauty pageants and their participants -- children and parents.

> Oh, is that what it's about. You've been alluding elliptically
> to the "demonstration killing of JonBenet Ramsey" for months now,
> and this is the first time you've mentioned a motive.

I was not able to discuss the case in overmuch detail before now, for
several reasons.

In the Italian 'Strategy of Tension', elements in the laughably-misnamed
'Security Services' (who have always tended to cease to serve, while
aspiring to rule -- "We know best, for your own good' sort of thing),
organized massive and lethal provocations on both 'Left' (Brigate Rossi)
_and_ Right (Stefano Delle Chiae and the Black Terrorists).

See Stuart Christie's biagraphy of Delle Chiae, 'Portrait of a Black
Terrorist.' Stuart went on to edit 'Arguments and Facts International'
during the Gorbachev period -- quite a coup for a British anarchist who
made a good-faith attempt to blow up General Franco. >:-}

These incidents were aimed at "Intoxication" of the Italian populace,
so that they would become frightened and insecure, and accept the
abandonment of liberal democracy for authoritarian rule and 'crack-downs.'

We had the same problem here in Britain, on a lesser scale: Brian
Micklethwait actually _welcomed_ it, if it helped Thatcherites 'smash' the
'enemy' (i.e. people who disagreed with Micklethwait about anything).
"Power corrupts' indeed...

: If you _really_ want to protect children from _real harm_, why not
: campaign for radio alarms?

> Because it's not a prosecutor's job?
> Must *every* concerned person campaign on *every* front at once?

He could be very effective, arguing for _real_ child protection --
assuming he really wants to protect children, that is...

: Here in the UK, we are steadily uncovering a quite hideous catalogue
: of violent and forcible sexual abuses in official State-run
: 'childrens' homes', with the children all too often being used _for
: years_ to 'service' the sadistic urges of rich and/or powerful
: authoritarian people.
: People rather like you, perhaps? Who seek male or female prey to
: torment and deride? (Ref: Eric Berne, MD., "The Little Fascist" in
: "What Do You Say After You Say 'Hello'?").

> Tony, friend, you're acting like a crank.
> Can you point to any connection between this prosecutor
> and any "children's home"?

A crank converts reciprocation to rotation, as every fule kno. >:-}

Oh, sure I can show a connection. Parts of Washington State's 'child
protection' industry has a horrifying reputation in Seattle and elsewhere
in Washington State. The 'childrens' homes' get the children by taking
them away from their parents. Why do bank tobbers rob banks? Because
'that's where the money is.' Think about it.

BTW: The current -- professional -- diagnosis of my mental state is:

"Really nice person.

Brilliantly intelligent.

Perfectly sane.

Under great stress.

Needs more sleep.

Experiences Post Traumatic Stress Disorder."

I prefer that to 'acting like a crank', I'd guess. >:-}

: Then go rent "STAR TREK - The Movie" [1980].
: Think awhile. Then go watch John Carpenter's 'Christine" [1983]
: Then -- at last -- you-all might just _begin_ to understand.

"Art tells the truth through the medium of inspired lies."

> "You _are_ a loony." -- Michael Palin in the Fish Licence Sketch

Oh so very droll... >:-}

Be seeing you!

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