NSPIC - Freedom Dimension Unknown to Most

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Tue, 07 Oct 1997 19:53:27 -0700

NSPIC relates to a dimension of freedom unknown
to practically all freedom lovers and freedom
activists -- conservatives, libertarians,
objectivists, anarchists, neo-tech owners, etc.

A few days ago, John French sent me this:

>"If you can avoid it, never play on the other guy's field, by the
>other guy's rules, or with the other guy's ball. He didn't design
>_his_ system to give _you_ the advantage. Remember that organisms
>defending their own territory are twice as effective as an intruding
>attacker." -- L. Neil Smith
>The best thing each of us can do is withdraw our support and
>change our whole attitude. I think this is best accomplished
>by getting a "divorce" from the system, mentally and physically,
>starting by dumping mind-numbing abstractions. You are on the
>right track. -- John French

Physically "divorcing" yourself from coercive
political systems I call the Economic Means to
Freedom. That's not what this message is about.

This message is about *mental* and *intellectual*
"divorce" from coercive political systems.
This is the field of NSPIC -- the Neuro-Semantic
Political Illusion Complex. NSPIC consists of
a combination of "mind-numbing abstractions" and
illusions that together keep coercive political
systems in place at the most basic level.

At the most fundamental level, most freedom
activists actually help keep coercive political
systems in place by reinforcing and spreading
the basic "mind-numbing abstractions" and
illusions on which the power of coercive
politicians and bureaucrats depends.

At the most basic level, many freedom activists,
in the words of L. Neil Smith, "play on the
other guy's field, by the other guy's rules,
or with the other guy's ball."

George Orwell penetrated just through the skin
of NSPIC -- the combination of "mind-numbing
abstractions" and illusions that keep political
systems in place -- in his classic '1984.'

Sy Leon, in 'None of the Above,' penetrated a
little deeper through the skin of NSPIC.

I don't know if Harry Browne, having written
the Introduction to 'None of the Above,' has
much of an inkling of NSPIC. (Though, in
communicating to the masses, he has to talk
as if he knows nothing about NSPIC, in order
to be effective.) The NSPIC "mind-numbing
abstractions" and illusions are at a deeper
level than all the "government myths" exposed
by Harry Browne in 'How I Found Freedom in an
Unfree World.'

Robert Ringer, in 'Restoring the American Dream,'
in Chapter 8 -- "Keeping It All in Place" --
penetrated deeply into NSPIC, but stoppped short
and didn't follow through.

No other freedom authors I know of seem to have
even an inkling of NSPIC -- the combination of
"mind-numbing abstractions" and illusions that
keep political systems in place.

Understanding and overcoming NSPIC will give
you an empowering perspective of yourself and
show you a "soft spot" or weakness of coercive
political systems you most likely have never
even suspected.

Mastering NSPIC will provide you with vastly
more powerful options for dealing with coercive
politicians and bureaucrats and their systems.
John French told us above to "change our whole
attitude." In mastering NSPIC, you will be
amazed and delighted by how your attitude
changes for the better.

To find out more about NSPIC, subscribe to the
Advanced Freedom Solutions List and participate
in the NSPIC Debate which starts on Wednesday,
October 15, 1997. I recently launched the
AFS list, which already has well over 200
subscribers, including about half-a-dozen
people who have largely or completely mastered
NSPIC and are available to help you do the
same -- and reap the rich rewards.

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Frederick Mann

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