Re: The Spike, nanotech, and a future scenario

Erik Moeller (
Tue, 07 Oct 1997 21:08:40 +0100

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> I agree with you completely, however there are newcomers to this list,
> notably from countries less advanced along the siungularity curve as
> ours, that still don't understand or agree as to what point we are
> starting from. WHile one would think that the death of the Soviet Union,
> the end of Socialism in China and most other control economies, as well
> as the end of the welfare state in many western nations, would be enough
> of an indicator to prove the point that "free enterprise is the superior
> economic system", there still seem to be plenty of people on this list
> who refuse to learn from history, and refuse to acknowledge the truth of
> today's global economy.

Those disbelievers! They refuse to worship _The Only True God, The God
of Free Marketship_ [TM]. How dare they? How can anyone refuse to live
in a barbarian wild west society, where it's "eat or be eaten"? How can
anyone refuse to accept the fact that freedom is a invaluable good whose
existence does not need to be proven? How can anyone deny that, since
communism has failed, capitalism is immortal? How can anyone believe,
that, with the absence of governments, monopolies could form and gain
more power than they ever had before?

How can anyone deny the beauty and inner art of trade? How can anyone be
disgusted by the idea that personal property is holy and may be defended
with all means? How can anyone claim that our decisions are based on the
information we consume? How can anyone doubt that everyone has to earn a
living, and those who don't weren't able to and have to _die_? How can
anyone deny that this is derived from nature, that it is evolution? How
can anyone dare to speak against the words of the prophets with the holy
names "Smith" and "Friedman"?

The answer: By thinking.

Erik Moeller