Re: Extropy in the personal sphere

Anders Sandberg (
07 Oct 1997 12:32:36 +0200

"Ed Sona" <> writes:

> I've been glancing through the Extropy list for a while now (actually =
> this is my first post) and one thing I've notice is that while there is =
> there is plenty of discussion of such esoteric topics as the Singularity =
> and Jupiter brains, proportional there isn't much discussion about =
> bringing Extropy in one's personal life through psychological tools, =
> investing, calorie restrictions, etc.

Well, this does come up from time to time. The direction of discussion
seems to drift on this list, sometimes turning esoteric, sometimes
becoming very down-to-earth. Right now it is fairly esoteric. But
if you are interested in the practical questions (and many of us are,
despite our philosophical debates), feel free to post comments or
ideas to start new threads on the subject.

Personally I'm working on human memory systems, trying to learn how
they work and can be enhanced. Tomorrow I'm going to hold a seminar
in my research group about memory modulating chemicals, I hope to
be able to post some useful results here sooner or later.

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