Re: The Spike, nanotech, and a future scenario

Max M (
Tue, 07 Oct 1997 11:13:57 +0200

Dan Clemmensen writes:
> I find it very frustrating that the list spends so much time on
> irrelevant issues of economics and politics. The current economic
> and political environment will not change significantly prior to
> the singularity: there's not enough time, even if the event occurs
> in 2025.

There is somebody on the list who use a quote from Gibson. "The future
is here. It's just not evenly distributed"

This will probably also be true after a possible singularity. I find it
hard to see that suddenly everybody will upload. From poor chinese
farmers, African tribes to enviromental fanatics. There will just be an
even wider gap between the haves and hasnots than we have now. They will
still need earthly politics.

Oh and by the way. The 30-35 year timelimit for the singularity doesn't
come with a warranty. It could just as easily take 500 years or a
billion year. A new ice age or a little meteor could wreck havvoc on
this planets fragile enviroment soon enough.

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Max M

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