Re: left anarchy, right anarchy, and space homesteading
Mon, 6 Oct 1997 21:38:13 -0400 (EDT)

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excuse me, but you have a lot to learn about what passes for ownership by
law in white man's world (theft, murder, extortion, prostitution)>>

Oh? and what, pray tell, might that be? I have a couple of decades well as multiple college degrees regarding that very subject
(business, management..etc)...but I will be the first to admit that my
understanding of the intricicies are superficial and incomplete...please
enlighten me...and I don't follow how theft, murder , extortion, or
prostitution either follows or is relavant...

do you mean theft as practiced by the IRS? Murder as practiced by the
BATF? And what's prostitution (of the sexual variety I assume?) got to do
with anything...BTW prostitution is legal in Nevada...(with certain
restrictions)..has been for decades...and seems to be working quiet
well....I've seen "CatHouses" located in close proxmity to those dens of
supersition and ignorance...churches....and they both seem to peacefully

<<and from personal experience i'd be quite willing to bet((I cant say
anything about his trucks...but he's by no means atypical...I know several
much like for instance...does that qualify for the bet?)) that the
trucks were part of a scheme outright owned and operated by a thief >>

You are a theif?...otherwise how do you have this personal experience?

But nonetheless..there ARE multiple pathways to acheive his purported
position.. For example...the one I took....I acquired my CDL (which required
the ability to read and write by the way...but some rules are ignored for
"minorities"...after all they have been soooooo abused by us evil mean white
boys...and it would be unfair to expect them...given this have to
meet the same standards that we do)...and drove for a major carrier for a
year or so...after that time I bought one of that carriers trucks...they
required a thousand dollar downpayment...with financing thru a third party
(Associates Financial Corp)...I then made my truck payments...paid the truck
off...and viola!....I own a and clear...(no mafia needed)...

I hired an accounting firm to do my paperwork...(the IRS and various agencies....regularly change the hopes
of catching "violators"...and fining it's best to have "hired guns"
who keep up with sort of thing...and I didn't want to fool with it...when I
quitt driving for the day I want to relax...not do paperwork...and it's cheap
enough...less than $50 a month. So given that...he really WOULDN'T need to
know how to read nor write..

After that...I accumulated capital...(in the process changing
carriers)..bought my own trailer (paid off)...and traded for a newer
truck...(Stiiiiiiiiiiilll) no mafia needed. The new truck cost more used
than the old truck did new...I could have bought two less expensive
trucks...hired a driver and continued the process toward the situation which
"that man" has already attained...did I so desire...I don't...I'd rather have
a nice rig...(and there are very few nicer)..and the freedom to do pretty
well what I please...not having to worry about employees...(and addittional
government rules, regulations, penalties..and costs...


could be...only I don't consider the mafia to be theives...they are
unsanctioned free enterprise entreprenuers operating in an enviroment bereft
of gov. subsidies...bringing products and services to those who are willing
to pay for them...without regard to sanctions by the masters in charge who
decree otherwise...( a very high risk business...requiring rather drastic
business practices)..while I disagree with them in specifics...I agree with
them in principle...and find little diference (in principle) between their
activities and those of say , blockade runners during the civil war...or
other cases of "smugglers" providing goods and services unallowed by the
controlling regime.

<< i suggest you pay a little attention to where the money is
coming from and going>>

all five trillion dollars of it? (per year....and growing...the drug
money...and the under-ground economy on TOP of that.)...sorry...I gotta life
to time

<<to in this "economy" as they have the nerve to call
it - >>>

five trillion (more actually) a year GNP...with hundreds of trillions of
investment...surely this qualifies as an economy...(no quote marks
required)...and it doesn't take much nerve...merely application of common
english usage.

<<<try the "cia-drugs" list, which only scratches the surface of our
wonderful means of "owning" our way of life. i have also had the
experience to know that people who are so defensive about "coming up from
nothing" have their own second thoughts about where the money REALLY came

first you're upset a about the youre uptite about the REAL
theives and scoundrels...the government...well so am I...but that has nothing
to do with the fact that if youre willing to work hard you can make someting
for yourself...

(actually, you have my sympathies, i have been there...believe me,
you're better off broke than dead to God.) -velvet-

I don't know if I need your sympathies or not...but you just lost all
credibility with me at the mention of a construct of
superstion....(apparently you are infected by a particularly virulent,
long-lived, and destructive meme)....I thought we were conduciting a rational
and reasoned discussion.

Instead of sympathy...if you desire to exercise your "compassion", and/or if
you agree that you lost you "bet", then I suggest you make a donation to The
Libertarion Party, The Extropians, The ForeSight Institute, The Second
Millenial Foundation....or just give a sawbuck to a hooker and then walk
off....any of these actions will serve a more useful function than
sanctimonious "sympathy"

5-corners California