left anarchy and big mistakes...

Remi Sussan (sremi@compuserve.com)
Mon, 6 Oct 1997 08:25:24 -0400

OK, Keith, when reading your post I turned red...Please forgive me! I thi=
"barter" is the correct term, isn't it ? The other thing which annoys me
are the "=3D" in my texts. I'll therefore stop to post to the list (but
continue to read carefully) until this technical problem is over, which
means, I'm afraid, changing my provider...

Now for Guru Georges:

>Also, free software transactions occur in the context of a fully
>functioning economic system: I don't see how they could occur without
>it. =

As I said earlier, we are in a game of Go. Various economical systems
compete and collaborate simultaneously. The fact, (as Michael also pointe=
out) that "Free software" occurs inside a capitalist system, and is even
used by corporations, does not means that it does not exist. The fact tha=
AFAIK, most right anarchists are against the copyright system proves that=

we agree at least on this point. =

The idea to see the environment as an agent is largely inspired by Gregor=
Bateson's definition of "Mind" and Lovelock's theories about Gaia (please=

do not confuse with New Age stuff). Every system which has the ability to=

process information, can be seen as an "agent". Ecosystems or human
societies pertain, IMHO, to this category.
I agree with you, this kind of anarchy would be difficult in the present
day. (that's why I =

think it's useless to search examples of anarchy in past or primitive
societies). Of course, I'm myself very skeptical about right anarchy!
But nanotechnology, or robotics, will probably create easily "public
domain" material goods...what is, therefore, the usefulness of the proper=
concept in a very technological society ?

Bye (Cu when my "=3D" problem is solved)