Re: feedback and sharing knowledge

Dana & Laurie Kissick (
Sun, 5 Oct 1997 10:37:27 -0500

Hi everyone, Iv'e been subscribed to the list for a couple months but have
not responded due to my limited scientific knowledge (thanks to you all for
helping to grow that small kernel in my gray matter).

I don't presume to speak for Geoff Smith nor do I think he needs me to
defend him, but when Joao Pedro said < Do you know that 30,000 children die
each day of avoidable causes?> I just had to respond:

I am well aware of this and similar facts, and having traveled the world
extensively ( including communist nations ) I have noticed a correlation
between needless suffering and death, and STATE control of the economy.
i.e. "Minister of Economy" = Death and Suffering

Dana Kissick