Re: Bill Gates

Natasha V. More (
Sat, 04 Oct 1997 11:09:06 -0500

At 10:59 AM 10/3/97 -0700, Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:

>How nice of you to wish death upon the one man who has done more
>for humanity than any other in history.


Thank you Lee Daniel Crocker for making a voice that clearly expresses the
larger picture of Gates.

Why would we wish death on anyone?

In reflecting on Bill Gates and his narrow vision of cryonics, perhaps we
might better view this glitch in his thinking as one that is merely built
upon negations of science's future due to insufficient knowledge. I see his
comment as an eye-opener. Cryonicists need to take even stronger action to
make sure that accurate and reliable information about cryonics and science
are portrayed in writings, in lectures, in art and in the media. How we
present cryonics to informed audiences and non-informed audiences will
reflect on the understanding and acceptance of cryonics. Gates's comments
make me want to soar even higher and faster to rev-up those who want to live
long lives, those who have the technical skills to help us achieve it, and
also those who need to have their sut-down-valve-on-life-extension opened wide.

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