Re: The accumulation of information followed by knowledge and

Kennita Watson (
Sat, 4 Oct 1997 10:29:24 -0700

>Abraham Moses Genen wrote:
>I'd like to think that a good teacher is one who encourages others to do
>their own research and thinking. As such, the student -- regardless of
>their academic accomplishments -- should be provided with just enough
>information as may be necessary to start them on their quest for
>information and, ultimately, understanding. Understanding cannot be
>taught. Only facts can be taught. By encouraging each student to obtain
>the specific facts on their own, initiative and self-actualization is also
>By this method the student learns more than the simple facts. They learn
>the values inherent in the accumulation of knowledge (epistemology) and
>the need for continuous learning and intellectual evolution.

Ah -- this presumes that your correspondent has consented to a student-
teacher relationship. I am a very busy person. If I want references,
I'll ask for them -- otherwise I'd rather have the information I request
in the most clear and concise form possible. If said information piques
my interest, I may ask for and/or look up references on my own.

>From a different angle -- beware judging, particularly negatively judging,
the levels of understanding, initiative, and/or self-actualization of
another. Or, more fliply put: Who voted you Socrates? :-)


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