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Sat, 04 Oct 1997 11:02:31 -0400

Anton Sherwood wrote:
> the Inventor of the Lorrey Drive writes
> : National SOcialism was the marriage of mercantile socialsm with the
> : nationalism movement that originated from a little science fiction book
> : published in the 1880's by an American by the name of Bellamy. The book
> : was "Looking Backward". If you think 1984 or Brave New World was
> : precient, read this book.
> Which element of _Looking Backward 2000-1887_ is prophetic --
> universal syndicalism, absolute equality of income, leisure
> as substitute for high wages, universal retirement at 40?
> Am I forgetting something?

I was thinking more along the technological and business lines. He
predicted cable media, malls and superstores, etc. and if you think of
how much more "progressive" the tax system is now compared to then, as
well as the current moves to allow workers to choose between income or
time off for overtime work, as well as universal retirement at 65 (since
there was no such thing as retirement back then), its pretty prescient.
I still thought his political propaganda inthe book was pathetically
naive and typical of the touchy feely justification of socialistic
policies that liberals are always pushing today.

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