Re: Bill Gates

Geoff Smith (
Fri, 3 Oct 1997 17:29:47 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 3 Oct 1997, Kennita Watson wrote:

> ...
> Bill Gates wrote in his column:
> >> ...but there are people who take it seriously. Maybe when I'm closer to
> >> death's door I'll go strange or something, but right now I have no plans
> >> along these lines.
> >
> Geoff Smith comments:
> >Good riddens. Hopefully Microsoft will follow suit! No more bulky,
> >unstable software.
> Cute joke, but I hope people remember to leave it there.
> a) I don't want even Bill Gates to die.
> b) Microsoft has no problems that some viable competition wouldn't cure.
> c) If Bill Gates came out in favor of cryonics, I think it would be
> _great_ press.
> Kennita

I don't mean to send a "me too!" post, but I am, just so people don't
think I was being serious, or that I am a *complete* idiot. I
whole-heartedly agree with all of Kenita's points. No, I don't *want*
anyone to die. I also agree that competition would sharpen up Microsoft's
products... although I won't for a second say that I like their products
now ( my last job programming with Microsoft compilers was a painful one
at best ) I'll try to keep my silly posts to a minimum ! (except for this
one, of course ;)