Unstable software (Was: Bill Gates)

Michael Lorrey (retroman@together.net)
Fri, 03 Oct 1997 18:50:52 -0400

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> > The idea that someday a frozen body will be revived is sort of pseudo-science,
> > but there are people who take it seriously. Maybe when I'm closer to death's
> > door I'll go strange or something, but right now I have no plans along these
> > lines.
> Good riddens. Hopefully Microsoft will follow suit! No more bulky,
> unstable software.
> geoff.

Here's a notice for you guys, if any of you are looking at the newest
version of Corel Ventura, v 7.0. Don't buy it. The company I am working
at now bought it as an upgrade from version5, which ran just fine. 7.0
however is probably the buggiest app I've ever worked with. Frames don't
stay where you anchor them, spell check locks up on funny characters
that other parts of the program generate for codes, and files get easily
corrupted. I've consistently gotten the blowoff from Corel until I
scream and shout and send them examples of how royally messed up their
software is. Compared to Corel, Microsoft is the most customer freindly
company I've ever dealt with. Needless to say, this 1200 page software
manual I've been working on has taken twice as long as it should have,
so my bosses are pretty ripped about it.

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