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> >> [Bill Gates's less-than-enthusiastic comment on cryonics]
> >
> > Good riddance. Hopefully Microsoft will follow suit! No more bulky,
> > unstable software.
> >
> > geoff.
> How nice of you to wish death upon the one man who has done more
> for humanity than any other in history. And I'm not just saying that
> because he fed me for a year.
> Absent actual physical coercion, absolutely anything one does to
> cajole as many people as possible to give you money--voluntarily--
> is, by definition, providing a benefit to them. Except to the small
> extent of MS's government contracts (a /very/ small part of its
> business) which are not paid for voluntarily, every penny of the
> world's richest man's fortune came from people who /chose/ to give
> it because they derived benefit from his products. Regardless of
> how grudgingly they may have felt about being locked in, or how much
> they lied to themselves about wanting reliable software (no one
> really wants reliable software, they just think they do), the fact
> is that they signed the checks.
> Despite the fact that Microsoft never really invented anything novel,
> ignores standards, bullies its competitors, and does lots of other
> things people might not like, the world would be a much darker and
> poorer place without heroes like Gates, who do the Right Thing for
> whatever reasons. Motives don't count--results do, and Bill Gates
> gets results.
> When I awake from my suspension, I'd much rather see a world with
> Bill Gates than some worthless whiner like Marc Andreesen.
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