SOC: Promise Keepers

Kathryn Aegis (
Thu, 2 Oct 1997 13:18:43 +0000

This statement may surprise some who expected to see me out on
Saturday with at least one of the women's and other groups mounting
counterprotests to the Promise Keeper's rally: I have decided to sit
this one out. I made this decision after reading reams of material
and listening carefully to the statements made by members of PK.

No, I do not agree with many of the statements made by PK leadership,
and I don't trust their leadership. But I also see no indication that
the majority of their membership rules the roost at home, either. This
is the 1990's, after all, and most women are accustomed to some say
in the decisionmaking process at home, if not a large say!
Leadership may demand one standard, but the true results will be seen
in the families.

Simply put, from a strategic standpoint I see no gain to be had from
ranting at a group of men engaged in prayer and reflection. Most of
the activities engaged in by PK members fall into the private and
personal sphere, and I do not wish to contribute to the continuing
politicization of those activities. There are plenty of other arenas
in which to fight the political battles.


Kathryn Aegis