left anarchy, right anarchy

Remi Sussan (sremi@compuserve.com)
Fri, 3 Oct 1997 09:04:30 -0400

Michael Lorrey wrote :
>However, after all this, I still don't understand why the concept of
>implied threat of force as backing for rights of any kind is so
>abhorrent. Humans are, after all, carnivores and the top predators on
>this planet. It is our nature to be forceful. This is one more in a
>never ending chain of examples of how liberals morality diametrically
>opposes prosurvival behaviors which have proven their worth for millions=

>of years.

note: "Backing for" is not in my english dictionnary, but i suspect it's
to "protecting rights". If I made a mistake, sorry.
Most of the time, in a conflict, everybody is fighting for one's rights.
Self proclaimed
"Bad guys" are quite rare in history. There is always a moral justificati=
somewhere. =

Now, I will not discuss to know if man is naturally a predator or not (th=
is an endless debate...). I will neither discuss to know if transhuman ha=
to be predator
or not. But I think there is a logical flaw in this argument:
-If you think it's "natural" (mmhh, I don't like this term) for man to be=

"predator" =

and "forceful" so, every strategy is good to increase your power. Includi=
the State.
If you think it's immoral to pay taxes and that the State is a thief, it
only proves that
you found a better predator than you. That's life! =

Now, I would like to precise my conception of "Left anarchy". It's not
about theft of pigs or anything else, it's a system which can only work i=
it profits for everybody, otherwise it's not anarchy. It's an economical
system where the transaction does not occur between two individuals A and=

B, but between A and the whole system. A does not "sell" something to B,
but simply put it in the environment (like when you
release a software in "public domain"), where B can find it.
I'm not sure, but I suspect this has lot in common with the "complex
bartender" proposed by Eliezer recently, although I did not understood al=
the details of his implementation. Am i wrong, Eliezer ?

Bye, =

Remi =