Re: Bill Gates

Geoff Smith (
Thu, 2 Oct 1997 22:35:25 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, John K Clark wrote:

> Bill Gates, the world's richest man (about 40 billion) has a place on his
> homepage at where
> people can ask him questions. He wrote these rather elliptical comments about
> Cryonics on September 24 1997.
> Q.As a man so aware of time and its finite limitations, do you have any
> techno-plans for dying? I always thought that if I were a jillionaire I would
> fund research into some kind of cryogenic process. It would be cool to
> launch my preserved body into space, coast around the universe for a few
> billion years. You never know, right?
> Christopher Oakley (
> Gates:
> A. A friend sent around a very funny article about guys who charge to keep
> your body frozen. You get discounts if you pay for two bodies or if you
> freeze just your head!
> The idea that someday a frozen body will be revived is sort of pseudo-science,
> but there are people who take it seriously. Maybe when I'm closer to death's
> door I'll go strange or something, but right now I have no plans along these
> lines.

Good riddens. Hopefully Microsoft will follow suit! No more bulky,
unstable software.