Re: left, right, forward upward sideways down
Thu, 2 Oct 1997 18:38:09 -0400 (EDT)

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The Nolan Chart is more pragmatic: its axes are "Personal Freedom"
(sex, drugs, the draft) and "Economic Freedom" (minimum wage, taxes,
licensing). Used with the "World's Shortest Political Quiz", which
some have criticized for its quick'n'dirty selection of questions
which may tend to overestimate the number of libertarians.

(Dave Nolan is a founder of the LP.)

Oh!! I carry the "world's shortest Political Quiz" around in my
wallet...right next to my Libertarian membership card...didn't even know that
was what you were referring too...sorry to waste your time..

Howeve...I beleive that it and/or Pournelles' make a lot more since than the
typical left-right used by the mediaghouls in popular
commentary it is approximately worthless

Tuscaloosa Ala.