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[Woman eating pig]
} Anyway, what do *you* think about the change of metaphor? It sure seems
} less intuitively obvious that the woman has initiated coercion, than
} when you think of some curmudgeon fencing in a bit of sod, doesn't it?

Left anarchists seem to be concerned with whether you're using something
rather than owning it. Someone killing a pig and eating it is one
thing. Someone fencing some sod and farming it is another, but similar.
Someone fencing in some sod for farming which other people had been
raising sheep on is something else. Someone fencing in a lot of land and
saying "this is my land, get off" is another. Banks holding onto empty
buildings because they can't rent them out while homeless people are,
well, homeless, is yet another. It also seems inefficient, to appeal to
a value besides compassion.

Sometime soon I hope to read up on the communes around the time of the
Spanish Civil War and on the economic customs of Gypsies, as these are
the closest to anarcho-socialist implementations that I know of, and
thus perhaps get some practical idea of how this all works, since I've
yet to see any believable proposals from the left.

} it, without so much as a by-your-leave. The point of the rule of
} property is not that it is a defence by the owner, but a forbearance by
} everyone else - it gives bite to the notion of freedom by creating a

Homeless and empty office buildings...

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