Re: Rights and Morality: The Primethic Decision

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Wed, 1 Oct 1997 10:49:30 -0700 (PDT)

> >Michael Lorrey wrote:
> >Morality is a result of a culture's memetic system. How well that
> >culture survives and grows is a result of how closely the memetically
> >established morality system dovetails with prosurvival activities.
> Before responding to your post, I would like a precise definition of
> "memetic." I have seen this term several times since subscribing to this
> list, and I think I know what it means, but it isn't in my dictionary.

Limiting the scope to humans for now, a meme is a human behavior or trait
acquired through sensory input from other humans, rather than biologically.
A meme has the properties of (1) replication--it can be learned from
others, (2) mutation--it can be created newly or changed, and (3)
competition--humans with different sets of memes compete for resources.

"Memetic" is just the adjective form, so a "memetic system" is just your
collection of memes--the language you speak, the way you hold a fork,
the way you throw a baseball--even things like the rules of baseball and
the design of a fork. These things are all reproduced by communication
and interaction among humans.

The word is a recent coinage by Dawkins in _The Selfish Gene_, and is
only recently appearing in general print, so it will likely be in
dictionaries in a few years.

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