Re: .....start me up !

Berrie (
Wed, 1 Oct 1997 16:43:12 +0200

Railford wrote:

> > Ralph Merkle wrote a paper on reanimation which is available from Alcor
> > and is probably on their web site. Basically once the rebuild is
> > finished, everything starts up automatically as one is warmed up. Self
> > Organization and all that.
> >
> The title of the paper is 'The Technical Feasibility of
> Cryonics', and was originally published in the medical
> journal, 'Hypotheses'. Sorry, don't have the date published.

Yes I read it ! maybe I just missed that part, I'll read it again
But I was referring to the "actual" start-up, like Anders Sandberg
took it. So you just "wake-up"? I thought there had to be a "pulse"
from outside, something like what they do, when someone's hart
has stopped ( a bit like flatliners, or so )

BTW: the site were the article is

Thanks again for the help !


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