Hospice in Japan

mizuho hirose (mizuho@vcom.or.jp)
Wed, 01 Oct 1997 21:09:37 +0900

Hi, this is Mizuho from Japan.

It is difficult for Japanese hospice to have
a suspension facility for now.
"Cryonics" is not so popular in Japan yet. If a patient
comes to a hospice, learns about cryonics for the first
time, and applies for cryonics, the patient will likely have
problems with his or her family regarding his or her
property. We therefore cannot offer cryonics to hospices.

However, the purpose of a hospice is to meet patients' needs
wherever possible, so if a patient has sufficient knowledge
of cryonics and asks for suspension, the staff of hospic
must grant that request.
Hospices that understand their duties will cooperate.

Yoko, a member of Metamorphosis Society, who does volunteer (musical
performance) work at a hospice, has the same viewpoint.
It takes 30 minutes by car from our office to the hospice where she
performs as a volunteer. When we can afford to have a
suspension facility, we will ask the hospice to cooperate.

" Join us and go to the future. Endeavor to make our
future the best we can,"

Mizuho Hirose : President of Metamorphesis society

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