Re: left anarchy, right anarchy

Kennita Watson (
Wed, 1 Oct 1997 00:21:50 -0700

>I hesitate to ask...and if I had reliable Web Access I would not...
>But would someone mind expanding upon the "Nolan" Chart as mentioned earlier?
Here are the questions I've seen (20% for each on each axis):

Are you a self-governor on PERSONAL issues?
Military service should be voluntary. (No draft)
Government should not control radio, TV, the press or the Internet.
Repeal regulations on sex for consenting adults.
Drug laws do more harm than good. Repeal them.
Let peaceful people cross borders freely.

Are you a self-governor on ECONOMIC issues?
Businesses and farms should operate without govt. subsidies.
People are better off with free trade than with tariffs.
Minimum wage laws cause unemployment. Repeal them.
End taxes. Pay for services with user fees.
All foreign aid should be privately funded.

Whenever you can get to the Web again, try, the
World's Smallest Political Quiz.

What stands between you and reliable Web access? Not being able to
get to the Web sometimes doesn't sound like any fun.


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