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Date: Mon Dec 31 2001 - 14:50:17 MST

On Monday 31 December 2001 16:20, wrote:
> From: Lee Daniel Crocker
> [Cryofan] wrote:
> >>Since the Extropian movement is heavily invested in libertarian
> >>philosophy,
> Faulty conjecture and bad memetic engineering. If some extropians are
> Libertarian and others Republicans, some Democrats, some are a-political,
> and still others non-party line thinkers, the above-statement is an
> untenable generalization.

Back when I first heard about extropians, one of the major attractions for
me was the combination of transhumanism and libertarianism. In fact,
that's how I thought of extropians -- as libertarian transhumanists.

I'm not sure what distinguishes extropy from plain transhumanism, if not
advocacy of non-statism. Can someone help me out here?

In any case, cryofan didn't mention any parties, and in fact used
"libertarian" (associated with the non-statist or minarchist belief system)
rather than "Libertarian" (associated with the party, which is arguably
minarchist, but certainly not non-statist).

By the way, I imagine that "a-political" could easily be used to describe
libertarianism. :)

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