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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Mon Dec 31 2001 - 09:34:04 MST

>From: Samantha Atkins <>

>Actually, we and the other countries should first and foremost
>insure that a bunch of actual goods - food, clothing, shelter -
>are delivered pronto before it is too late for large numbers of
>the Afghani people.

I agree, and this is already happening, far more aid is entering
Afghanistan today then under the Taliban, and with our assistance
and that of the international community, a great deal more is on
the way.

>> 2) Give the U.N. a bunch of money and let them figure it out.

>That is a better solution that having us in charge of it imho.

I don't agree. the U.S. needs to work on it's image, and part of
that is to do the work ourselves and not hide behind the U.N.

I think we have a vested interest in limiting the power of the U.N.
as well. (I don't support the idea of a world government.)

>This is after the current state of emergency need is in hand,


>Why only US contractors? We are not the only kids on the
>block. And I do not believe that it should be us that runs this
>program. It must come more from a broader base and largely
>depend on the Afghani government in its details or that
>government is a sham and will be seen as such.

I agree that this should be as a result of close collaboration with
the government of Afghanistan and the world community. I did not
mean to imply that we should run the program, just our part.

In the past we simply handed over a check and the governments lined
their pockets or like Yasser Arafat bought themselves helicopters.

We should let them tell us what they need, and if we are willing,
then pay U.S. contractors to do the necessary work. U.S.
contractors because this is taxpayer money, and it would do U.S.
citizens/companies good to be involved. If other governments
/companies want to do certain work, they can foot the bill.

>The first aid is enough food to get the country through until
>any such crops can be harvested.

Agreed, I just wanted to make it clear that we should encourage
this priority for their own good. We want to avoid helping to
create a welfare state/nation.


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