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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Mon Dec 31 2001 - 09:35:44 MST

>From: Michael Wiik <>

>>Brian D Williams <> wrote:

>> Part of the U.S.'s problem in the world is simple PR. During the
>> holidays I was watching TV as a man in Afghanistan was
>> criticizing the U.S. with a bag of wheat clearly labeled "USA"
>> slung over his shoulder. Had I been standing there I would have
>> "pulled a Giuliani", dragged it away from him with an
>> explanation as to why, and told him to try eating dirt.

>Isn't that a bit presumptuous? Maybe he paid good money for that

No, he received it for free (U.S. provided) from the U.N. world
food program.

Since he apparently couldn't read what it said and he received it
supposedly from the U.N., he felt free to express his prejudice.

Which is why in the future U.S. provided food aid should be handled
by U.S. representatives.


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