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Date: Sun Dec 30 2001 - 05:52:16 MST

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>Im sure that this has been asked before.
>In the case of a cryonaught

Ahem..."Cryonaught"?! A freudian slip? I definitely feel more
comfortable with "cryonaut"!

> being suspended. what happens to there legal
>rights ?.

Well, as a legally dead person, your rights are *greatly* diminished.
People have rights, but a dead person is not really a person. That is
why we need to do research and show that cryonics does present a
viable medical alternative.
But there are legal loopholes, and it is through these that cryonics
slips. See the FAQ at www.

>By this I mean, Does your estate get carved up in the usual manor,
>or can you state that your estate is your property even in death ?.

Wills, etc, are still applicable. And do not overlook the payable on
death bank account....

> Obviously a death certificate will be completed. So what happens
>if/when you are revived ?. Will we need new birth certificates ?. Will you be
>liable for missed taxes ?.
> The list is endless and the arguments are hyperthetical at the
>present, but interesting.

Well, yes, these questions will have to be answered by those in the
future, just as they will have to develop the technical solutions to
cryonics. I wish there were more solidity to cryonics, but at present
I fear that we must simply make the best of things.

We have no other choice, as far as I know....about the only thing that
I see as possible help during the next 30 years is genetic engineering
(GE). There is SO MUCH potential for life extension there, although
at present the yuck/taboo factor prevents the general populace from
allowing it to proceed full scale. However, there is money to be made
through GE, thanks to intellectual property laws, so therefore look
for ongoing propaganda to change the minds of the populace, however

As far as nanotech goes, it appears to have serious life extension
benefits, however, the timeline may be over the next 100 years
(despite extropian doctrine...)

You may want to post these questions on the cryonet mailing list.

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