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Date: Sat Dec 29 2001 - 23:52:17 MST

From: "Jacques Du Pasquier" <>
>It is funny that he should use the "entropy" concept, as the reason
>for all this outdated pages is, on the contrary, the fact that they
>are not subject to entropy.

Maintaining a Web Page:

My own evaluation of whether its worth my time to update one of my
web pages takes into account the following factors:

a = time/money needed to update page
b = page content useful to me
c = page content useful to viewer
d = page content liked by me
e = page content liked by viewer
f = page content add/subtract to my reputation
g = page content has sentimental value

In a sense, I note the the coefficient amplitude between the viewer
and I. It's a like a projection of myself onto the World Wide Web
space (my Web pages to me are like a body appendage). If my
multidimensional waveform matches well the multidimensional waveform
of the viewer, then the result is a high coefficient amplitude (and
I will update the page), otherwise I will let the page sit there.

Writing a new Web Page:

Same factors as above, except a becomes:
a = time/money needed to write new page

When I pay attention to the WWW world, I really do like the fluidity
of the Web and my interaction with it. The task of getting me to pay
attention to the WWW, though, tends to mostly wane, until a viewer
writes me about something on my pages and forces my attention back
(either positively or negatively).


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